Bitty Sprouts

6 weeks - 1 year

All of our infant teachers work very hard to build a warm and nurturing environment for our babies and families. Our classrooms are designed to mirror a family environment where they are able to safely explore and discover while fostering an “on demand” care and learning experiences.

Our infant rooms follow a 1 to 5 ratio with experienced teachers passionate about this age group. Developmental milestone we observe and encourage vary based on the specific age of your child. For example, a 3 month old might be working on and/or demonstrating their “social smile” milestone whereas a 10 month old would be working towards pushing themselves up and sitting up unassisted.

Bitty Sprouts Supply List

Please note: These items must be brought in a bag or backpack in order to help keep them separated from other student’s supplies. Please make sure ALL items are labeled with your child’s first and last name. Also, per the Health Department and our own requirements, if you are providing breast milk for your child’s bottles, they must be labeled with red electrical tape and your child’s first and last name.

  • 1 Nap time sleep sack (No swaddle or weighted)
  • An extra set of clothes (or two)
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Formula or Breastmilk
  • Bottles (one for each feeding)
  • Pacifier (If needed)
  • A family photo

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Little Sprouts Learning Center is an award-winning daycare and preschool in Colorado Springs. Our caring staff, healthy environment, and creative curriculum provides the peace of mind that your child is receiving quality care.