Curriculum & Philosophy

We challenge their minds with hands-on, real, and relevant experiences through project based curriculum.

We teach the children to take care of their bodies by eating healthy organic foods (free of hormones, pesticide and chemicals), exercising and caring for the earth. We challenge their minds with hand’s on, real and relevant experiences through project based curriculum. It’s the role of our teachers to uncover learning opportunities with the children while ensuring reaching developmental milestones and school readiness. The projects (or focus) of each room is determined through observations done by the teachers. Instead of a teacher focused curriculum this approach builds off of the children interest and desire to learn. Younger classrooms will observe current developmental milestones of students and build their focus from there. While our older preschool classrooms will use K>W>L charts to demonstrate full knowledge and understanding of the project.

Our classrooms and eco-friendly toys are designed to encourage natural learning. For example, using wooden blocks or toys instead of plastic, or painting with organic materials instead of toxic paints. We encourage our children to color on leaves or other organic objects as well as paper.

Our lesson times are designed so that our children are able to see, feel and smell. Science may include comparing the sizes and shapes of various vegetation seeds. Math for the day may be counting and handling acorns. Circle time could be singing a song while using wooden percussion instruments like a Clave, Rain Sticks or Drums. We strive to foster a warm and inviting environment where our children are able to learn about the world around them through safe and natural experiences.

To learn more about our general policies, mission, and beliefs, be sure to check out our About Us page.

Little Dancers (Tuesdays) Little Dancers offers children the opportunity to experience the joy of achievement, to explore, to foster a strong sense of Self-confidence, to nurture creativity, and to develop character traits that will form the framework for how they approach life; both now and into the future. Achieving life-long success begins with learning, interacting, collaborating, physical activity, mental stimulation, and the opportunity to learn something about yourself, no matter how young you are. *please specify

OmTastic Class Yoga (Wednesday) Unleash your child’s imagination! OmTastic yoga children will travel to distant lands, act out their favorite animal on the farm or play games that will encourage everyone to work together while doing their favorite yoga moves. Each class is a new ADVENTURE.

Kindermusik (Thursdays) A Good Beginning Never Ends! With more then 25 years experience in early childhood development, Kindermusik is the worlds most trusted name in musical learning, for children newborn to seven. Early integration of music into your child’s life means improved ability to think, reason, create, and express! Feel the Beat Studios offer Kindermusik for the younger musician, and instrument-specific lessons for the older student at convenient locations in Colorado Springs and outlying areas!

Little Sprouts Learning Center is an award-winning daycare and preschool in Colorado Springs. Our caring staff, healthy environment, and creative curriculum provides the peace of mind that your child is receiving quality care.

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