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Lisa Newman

Ms. Lisa


Lisa Newman’s life has been dedicated to the love, nurturing, and development of children. Growing up in a broken home gave her a strong desire to help children from all walks of life. She believes children are life’s greatest blessing to those who choose to parent!

Ms. Lisa started teaching Sunday School at age 19. Since then, she has spent 6 years as a home-licensed childcare provider, has fostered 13 children over the course of several years, and has been blessed to parent 6 children: one biological child (Kayli), two step-children (Stephan and Emma), and three adopted children (Shaina, and Jaiden and Deven).

Ms. Lisa was blessed to marry her soulmate in 2001, and they have walked through many difficult times together hand-in-hand. They have overcome the obstacles of the blended family and continue to stand strong. They believe it is the grace of God that has brought them this far and they know that he will continue to walk with them. They are committed to this life of helping children together. The children all adore “Mr. B,” a soft spoken, kind, and gentle man. He always has a smile on his face and a pat on the head for the children.


Ms. Christy

executive director

Ms. Christy moved to Colorado in 1993 after her husband left the Air Force. They have lived in Colorado since then. Ms. Christy has been married for 26 years and has a son and a daughter that are grown. She is also a grandmother to four wonderful children. Ms. Christy started in the Early Childhood Education field in 1998 as aid in a classroom. She has held many different positions over the years such as teacher, administrator, director and owner. She has worked at private schools and large companies during her career. Ms. Christy is very dedicated to the growth and development of families, children and staff. Her passion is building relationships with parents and children through interaction, hands on learning and support. Ms. Christy’s favorite color is red and she loves to read.

Ms. Sarah

Ms. Sarah

finance & enrollment director

Ms. Sarah comes from a family of teachers which gave her the opportunity to volunteer during her early years in high school/college and sparked her passion for early education. Over the next few years she realized there was a huge need for quality care and teachers. In 2006, she had the opportunity to leave South Dakota and move to Colorado with family and make it home. She was drawn to colorful Colorado and the new adventures it would bring to further her education, career and allow her to enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and colds nights. She has been a part of the Little Sprouts family since early 2014. She enjoys the incredible staff, working to provide quality education, bringing nature back into the classrooms and making a difference in the lives of our families. Ms. Sarah’s favorite colors are purple and orange, she enjoys spicy Mexican food, and spending time with her husband Camron and puppy Pepper.

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