Peanut, the Guinea Pig

🥜 Welcome to Busy C, Peanut! 🥜 Peanut is moving to preschool! The kids are so excited to have a new guinea pig friend – they even made him some portraits! A classroom pet can teach children important values about compassion, responsibility and respect. Pets also can be a calming influence in the classroom, providing an avenue for relaxation. They inspire curiosity, passion, and enrich learning!

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We LOVE helping children play and learn! We love that our community recognizes this and nominates us year after year for “best of” awards. Most recently, we were honored with GOLD, the highest award in Colorado Springs Indy’s “Best of 2021.” We also were graciously nominated in the Gazette’s “Best of the Springs” again this year — we’ll let you know the results as soon as we hear! Thanks to all of our Little Sprouts family and friends who support us constantly. We are here for you and we thank you for trusting us with your precious children!

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Our Organic Kitchen

Chef Natalie dreams up three amazing, 100 percent organic meals per day for Little Sprouts children. Everything from grilled cheese and tomato soup to spaghetti and meatballs to three-bean enchiladas. What?!? And psssstt…. she’ll even share her recipes, if you ask nicely. “I just love cooking for kids, feeding kids,” she says. “I love knowing what I’m feeding them is not only delicious — it’s also nutritious!” This chef is no stranger to little humans — she has three boys of her own. And boy does she know how to cook. Wander through Little Sprouts any time of day to catch a whiff of her recipes. Lucky kids!

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