Classroom of the week: Toddling Sprouts B

This week we will be highlighting Toddling B, a classroom for 24 to 36 month old children. Our teachers in this classroom are Miss Renee and Miss Jasmine. Miss Renee moved to Colorado one month ago from California, and has been working in childcare for 6 years. She loves hiking and spending time with her family. Miss Jasmine has been working in childcare for 5 years. She loves watching movies, hiking, and traveling. Our kiddos are gaining independence at this age, and doing lots of things on their own.

Toddling B has been working hard on exciting fall process art. Check out our fall trees in the hallway – we used brown paper trunks, cotton balls, glue, and eye droppers full of paint to create these trees. We utilized our fine motor skills and creativity to work on gluing, pasting, squeezing, and dropping.

Another multi-day project Toddling B is working on this week deals with leaves. They explored leaves through senses of smell and touch, then used motor skills to squeeze glue onto paper, and glue on the leaves. The next step will be painting over the leaves. This will be an interesting sensory experience with painting over the leaves. It is slightly similar to the leaf rubbings (which you can also see hanging in the classroom) that Tod B did last week by rubbing crayons over leaf pattern sheets. We are so thrilled by Toddling B’s classroom structure and creative learning experiences.