Classroom of the week: Busy Sprouts D

This week, we are so excited to talk about Busy D, our Pre-K program for 4 ½ – 5 year olds. Miss Emily is the teacher in this classroom! Miss Emily graduated from UCCS with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She loves play-based learning, and has been running marathons since she graduated from high school.

Busy D has been working on science as of late, growing their own crystals and observing them throughout their growth. A long-term experiment like this teaches patience over time, because you do not see results overnight. Busy D’s kiddos did observations of their crystals frequently, recording data and drawing what they saw. Some crystals grew successfully, while others did not grow at all. Sometimes experiments turn out, and some do not – but the processes and successes taught us a lot!

Up next for Busy D is the topic of dinosaurs. Every morning all of our preschool rooms come together in Busy C, and they are studying dinosaurs. Busy D thought the topic sounded really interesting, and want to learn about them too! We are excited to see what learning explorations they will experience. Check them out creating dinosaur skeletons using q-tips, glue, and black paper dinosaur cutouts in these photos!