Classroom of the week: Waddling Sprouts A

This week, we are focusing on Waddling Sprouts A. Waddling Sprouts A works with 12 to 20 month children – our teachers are Miss Sara and Miss Sabrina! Miss Sara loves working with younger children, and especially loves dancing and music time. In her free time, Miss Sara is a musician, who plays guitar and keyboard, as well as singing. Miss Sabrina has been working with young children for 6 years, and was a youth correctional officer before childcare. In her free time, she loves to crochet.

One developmental area that Miss Sara and Sabrina really strive towards for their kiddos is expressing needs and wants through sign language. Waddling A can sign the words ‘eat’, ‘more’, ‘please’, and ‘sorry’ to help express their needs. They are working on more complex signs, such as ‘baby’, ‘cracker’, ‘banana’, and more! Check out the photos below of us practicing our signs!

Waddling Sprouts A also works on fine motor skills through unique art experiences. They clipped clothespins onto cotton balls and used those as paintbrushes! Miss Sara and Miss Sabrina dipped these ‘paintbrushes’ into watercolor paint, and helped the children hold and create with them. They also used orange tissue paper, glue, and orange paint to create Halloween pumpkins recently. Look on their walls to find more fun, spooky artwork 🙂

Waddling Sprouts A - Colorado Springs Daycare