Classroom of the week: Busy Sprouts B

LIttle Sprouts Learning Center - PreKThis week, our school is highlighting Busy Sprouts B, our four to five year old program (Pre-K) with Miss Sam and Miss Yomaris. Miss Sam has been working with children for eleven years – beginning her educational journey as a youth basketball coach in college. Her favorite thing about working with four year olds is seeing the results, for example when children combine their skills to work through situations. In her spare time, Miss Sam creates artwork and jewelry, and has a passion for animals. Miss Yomaris has been working with children since 8th grade, where she assisted her mother at a summer camp. Her favorite thing about working with this age is their curiosity – they are like little sponges for learning! Miss Yomaris loves being positive, and making the best of every situation!

One exciting concept that has been implemented in Busy B has been Spanish Circle Time in the afternoons. Miss Yomaris is from Puerto Rico, and shares her passion for bilingual learning with our children. During this circle time, we learn in a variety of ways. Busy B has songs about colors, numbers, and body parts, and are working on how to present themselves in Spanish (name, age, etc) through conversation. They read books in English, Spanish, and a combination of the two. This has been a great experience, with awesome results!

Earlier in the month, Busy B held a taste test of ingredients like crackers, pickles, coconut, lemon, and raisin bread. Yum! They used their math and logic skills to vote on their favorite taste, and see which food was the most popular. Check the graph out in the hallway outside of Busy B this week!