Classroom of the week: Bitty Sprouts A

This week we are focusing on Bitty Sprouts A, our younger infant program, with ages 6 weeks to 6 months. Our teachers are Miss Cristi and Miss Tori. Miss Cristi has been working with Little Sprouts for six years, since we first opened in 2012! Her favorite thing about working with infants is snuggling with them! She has been married for 25 years and has three kiddos. Miss Tori has been working with children for six years and has been with Little Sprouts since August. Her favorite thing about working with infants is watching them grow! In her free time, she enjoys watching hockey and loves Harry Potter.

In this classroom, feeding, diapering, and sleeping are all on demand. Miss Cristi and Miss Tori are knowledged about each infant’s normal schedule at home, as well as how they express their needs and wants while in our care. While they are not verbal in this room, they definitely know how to communicate with their caregivers!

Recently, Bitty Sprouts A has been implementing a foldable block mirror during the day. Our smaller infants have been enjoying their ‘tummy time’ in front of this block mirror, and the older infants have been enjoying free play in front of it. This is similar to our large mirror, which is in the cozy area of Bitty A. While relaxing and playing, our infants are working on facial recognition, observing themselves, and discerning their own faces from others.