Classroom of the week: Busy Sprouts C

This week, we are focusing on Busy C, one of our three year old classrooms!

Our teachers in Busy C are Miss Marissa and Miss Sarah! Miss Marissa has been working in child care for almost three years here at Little Sprouts. Her favorite thing about working with three year olds is the stories they tell! In her free time, she likes to hike. Miss Sarah loves helping children learn and explore new topics and concepts. She is a recent transplant to Colorado, and is excited to see what our beautiful state has to offer.

One exciting skill we work on in our three year old classroom is cutting! Our Busy C friends have been getting some good practice holding scissors, using fine motor skills, hand strength, and dexterity through cutting magazines. They are able to pick and choose which photos they want to cut out, or even cut straight through photos!

Busy C recently did an exciting science project, which utilized the skills of measuring, mixing, hypothesizing, and recording data! This experiment was called ‘the dancing popcorn’. The children put a raw corn kernel in water, and observed that nothing occurred. Then, with a 1 cup scoop and teaspoon, they added vinegar and baking soda and observed. When both ingredients were added, the corn kernel danced and moved around in the bubbles. It was exciting to see the kiddos wonder what will happen, and see the results!